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promotional gadgets


This is a way to start each day with a pleasant thought about your brand.
Delicious teas (in several flavors to choose from) and coffee from a local roaster are the perfect start to each day, an addition to a business meeting or a moment of afternoon break in your company.
Packaging designed by our designers will provide an interesting aesthetic experience. No matter what you choose, it will be the perfect way to have a tasty Good Morning!

Marking techniques: personalized packaging made according to your design.
Personalized label.

Herbata w puszce
Kawa palona z indywidualną etykietą


For those with sweet tooth we have prepared Noble Chocolates Belgian pralines in an unusual edition and a classic chocolate bar.
These are only some of the examples of realization.
We will appropriately select products and design packaging with your logo depending on the character of the campaign, event or marketing message.
Discover our full offer of sweet gifts.

Marking techniques: individual packaging made according to the design.
Personalized label.

Czekoladki belgijskie z logo Endress Hauser
Czekoladki firmowe
Czekolada z logo


Nice, practical, thermic and eco-friendly!
Cups, bidons and bottles made of glass and BPA-free. A great advertising medium with countless possibilities and marking areas.
They can be the perfect gift and background for your message.

Marking techniques: laser engraving, ceramic tracing paper, UV printing in the round, sublimation.

Kubek z podstawką z korka
Kubek z grawerem
Kubki z logo Szczecin się zmienia


Bags, T-shirts and sweatshirts are the best to put company prints on. They can be elegant and fashionable, casual or for events. Practical and nicely designed they will “carry” your logo and with their functionality will please your customers.

Marking techniques: screen printing, flex, sublimation, thermal transfer, UV printing.

Worki ekologiczne z nadrukiem
Koszulka z nadrukiem


Here are some examples of our work – we develop, design, print and produce.

Marking techniques: low and high volume printing, digital and offset.
Embossed calendars. UV printing. Sublimation. Pad printing.

Materiały promocyjne
Kalendarz projekt Zielony Ład
Kalendarz, tłoczenie
Kalendarze książkowe
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